Meet the Owner: Marallea J


Hi, this is Marallea J writing to you! I wanted this to be a personal introduction to who I am and what my brand stands for.


Let's start at the beginning, Marallea J is my lifestyle brand. I had a friend who kept saying, "You're always wearing the cutest clothes, you love taking pictures, you're forever trying something to new to eat, and the list goes on. What's stopping you from sharing it?" Well, I could name a few things stopping me, but fear of failure being number ONE! 


Eventually, that fear turned into a burning desire to take a leap and I did. One year later, and Marallea J is more than I could've imagined and still growing. But, through my lifestyle brand and platform, I was able to meet young and older women in similar situations as mine. The never-ending cycle of trying to find cute clothes that worked for them! 


The constant dread of having to go shopping because you know there’s a 99.999% chance you’ll leave out sad and disappointed, but truly never shocked. This is something a lot of women feel, but they shouldn’t have too.


Style is how we tell our story. Its a form of expression without it even meaning to be half the time. No one should feel excluded from being able to really tell their story through their style. This is where it gets good!


Welcome to Marallea J BOUTIQUE. I’m still getting used to saying that. Haha! MJB was created to lift that burden off on many women young and old. How? By offering an array of styles from running errands to day-time brunching with the girls. You can always find clothes on the more modest side, but that doesn’t mean you have to comprise on the cuteness of it. We know style doesn’t have to be defined because it is ever-changing based on our moods, occasion, weather, and so much more. But, if we had to describe our clothes in 3 words, we’d say, “Feminine, Street, and Modern.” See? The best of all the worlds!


I say we because of course none of this is possible without YOU and my family + friends that have helped along the way. I thank each and every one of you and I hope MJB brings you so much relief and excitement!


P.S. I can NOT wait to see you babes tagging me in your #ShopMaralleaJ clothing pictures.. eech!